Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Have a New Diagnosis? Start Here.

If you are an adult who has recently been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, you are not alone.  You are now a part of a community of people who understand and support you.  Below is information from various helpful organizations. It includes places to find basic facts, books and online support.

If you want to read more about being an adult diagnosed with autism, check out the following links.

Find Information About Being an Adult on the Spectrum

Welcome to the Autistic Community-

When An Autism Diagnosis Comes In Adulthood-

Knowing Why: Adult-Diagnosed Autistic People on Life and Autism-

Find a Support Group

Another great place to get information is through our support groups.  The Autism Society of Boulder County has several support groups specifically for autistic adults.  Click Here for ASBC support groups.

Find a Service Provider

If you think you might need help with something you should find a service provider for what you need. Some people need speech therapy or individual counseling.  Click Here for the ASBC Resource Directory

Find Something Fun to Do

ASBC provides fun events for adults to do, from recreation to volunteering to joining a maker space.  Please check out our Recreation and Events Page( Click Here) for more information on what we offer. Or you can check our Newsletter, here, to see what the community has going!  There is a lot to do and you may make a few friends.


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