ASBC is an opportunity generator for people on the autism spectrum and their families, focused on filling support, recreation and training gaps lin Boulder County.  Our programs strive to meet the needs of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, genders, financial situations and levels of challenge within the autism spectrum. We strive to provide as many free or inexpensive community events as possible.  Our events range from “bridging”events for participation by people with autism only to fully inclusive events in the community. “Bridging” events are designed as opportunities for people on the spectrum to try something new in an autism only, friendly environment.  The intent is not to exclude people without autism, only to provide a bridge to full inclusion in the future for people who may currently feel most comfortable in events exclusive to people on the autism spectrum or to families who may need to try something new in a low sensory, easy to access environment prior to going out to the more typical event. Inclusive community events are open to everyone and may or may not be sensory friendly.  They are always judgement free, accepting of the challenges and appreciative of the gifts autism has to offer.

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