ASBC Support Groups

The following ASBC support groups are designed to be a place where the exchange among participants is issue based and solution oriented. These groups are an excellent source of support, as well as a way to connect with others and share information and resources.  Please be mindful of group dynamics and open to the idea that everyone deserves the opportunity to share.


ASBC’s Online Family Support Group (Private Facebook Group for Parents and Guardians)

When: 24/7 – anytime you need

Where: On Facebook-This group is on hold until we start a new Facebook page. Ours was hijacked.  Sorry!

What: A private Facebook based support group, monitored and moderated by ASBC, for Colorado parents and/or guardians of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Why: ASBC intends for this to be a private and safe space for all parent/guardian community members to share their journey, find connections, and be supported by other community members. This is a private/closed group, and the privacy of all group members is expected and vital. We do understand that some service providers may also be parents of a child on the spectrum, but please be advised that this group is not the space for soliciting business or sharing events

Join: Please request to join this group via Facebook and contact if you have any questions.


Parent Support Group at the Louisville Library

When: The second Saturday of every month from 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Where: Louisville Library

What: A support group for parents and/or guardians of children of all ages. This group is facilitated by a volunteer and is not intended to provide therapy or medical advice.

Why: ASBC intends for this group to provide a safe, confidential, judgment-free space for adult conversation, social connection, and support. Please be mindful of the group and make sure everyone gets a chance to share.

Join: Just show up.  Please note that dates may change if they fall on a holiday.  


Social / Support Group for Adults on the Spectrum

When: Third Thursday of the month

Where: Virtually on Zoom until further notice

What: A social and support group for adults, aged 30+, on the autism spectrum.

Why: ASBC intends for this group to provide a safe, confidential, judgment-free space for conversation, social connection with peers, and community connection. This group is not designed to take the place of professional therapy.

Join: Please RSVP with the Group Moderators, Karlin Breugel.   Karlin can be reached at:

Social Discord for Young Autistic Adults

When: When it works for you

Where: Discord LINK Here

What: A social opportunity for young Autistic adults (over 18) to meet new friends, talk about Autistic life and share interests.  THIS IS FOR AUTISTIC YOUNG ADULTS ONLY.  Parents, please do not sign up your person or attempt to imitate your person to “get them started”.  Please be respectful of the young adults and their journey.

Who: Joshua is the moderator. Check in and say hi if you join.

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