June Significant Needs Support Group 6/4

Where: The Taj, 2630 Baseline Road, Boulder, CO 80305 from

When: June 4th 7:00- 8:30PM

RSVP: Please RSVP to Moderator: Julie Darrow at info@autismboulder.org

Why:  This group is meant for parents who are experiencing significant challenges. You may be afraid to share in other groups for fear of you or your child being judged unfairly. You may be afraid to post something online because the internet is forever.

This group touches on some very difficult topics, and confidentiality is a requirement. This isn’t a group where we talk about how the schools can’t keep up with our kids because they are too smart. While that can be a challenge, it is not what we are focusing on in this group. This also isn’t a group for any type of “functioning” person. We all have our high functioning moments and our low functioning moments, and we don’t want anyone leaving feeling like they are categorized, labelled or feeling worse than when they arrived.

You may only need this group once. You may need it a few times a year, or you may need it every month. Whatever your needs are, you are welcome in this group.

The group format is somewhat informal. We arrive at 7pm, mingle, hit the buffet, and start the meeting promptly at 7:30pm. Everyone will introduce themselves and talk about whatever issue is on their mind. The power of this group is the collective experience and resources that each of us has to share.

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