Exploring Gender Identity for Youth with Disabilities Support Group Change!

Exploring Gender Identity is moving to a new day and a new time! We are moving the group to the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5-6:30pm beginning May 15 and Stephanie McBride will facilitate it.

Stephanie is passionate about fostering a relationship with horses and nature that supports connection, embodiment, and empowerment. Stephanie is a registered psychotherapist and a graduate from the Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy masters program at Naropa University. They have completed various Equine Therapy trainings and use connection and nervous system regulation as the mechanism that drives growth after trauma. Since joining the team at Medicine Horse in January 2017, Stephanie has helped individuals, couples, and families become more connected in relationship.
Steph works with children, teens, and adults with LGBTQ identities and is excited for the opportunity to work with this group. They are also starting a horticulture therapy program out at Medicine Horse which could get incorporated into this group if there is interest. In addition to the horses, we also have chickens at Medicine Horse now, who like to lend their presence to our sessions!
We are excited to re-energize this group and hope that the time change allows for more people to attend.
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