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Funds Depleted for 2020. We are proud to report we were able to give 64 camp grants this year!  Thank you to everyone who supported this program.  See you next year.


Welcome to the ASBC Camp Grant Information Page

ASBC Camp Grants provide financial assistance to people on the autism spectrum seeking to attend recreational camp.  Please read the camp grant requirements thoroughly before you apply.

The ASBC Send a Kid to Camp Scholarship 2020 Guidelines:

Application open Dec 21, 2020- June 14, 2020 or until funds are depleted.

Applications can only be made through the online application process.  Emails and phone calls do not qualify as applications.

Families will be notified of approval a minimum of 3 weeks after application submission. ASBC will not expedite the approval process for camps that begin within the three-week processing window. Please apply in a timely manner.

ASBC will not pay the applicant.  Grant recipients must request that the chosen camp send an invoice to ASBC.  Email invoices to ASBC will not contact camp providers for invoices. It is the grant recipients responsibility to communicate with the camp providers.

  • Invoices will be paid upon receipt from the camp. Please have the camp provider reference the following:
    • Grant #
    • Amount of grant received
    • Name of camper
    • Dates of camp
  • The amount approved and camp grant reference # will be included in your approval email. We do not pay incomplete invoices.
  • Invoices will be paid within 7 business days upon receipt.
  • ASBC will not expedite payment to meet an enrollment deadline or to hold your spot. It is your responsibility to apply in time or communicate with your provider to meet their deadlines and to have the invoice sent to us with enough time for us to process payment.
  • If you change camps, you must start the application process from the beginning.
  • No checks will be sent before Jan 1, 2020
  • One scholarship per individual on the autism spectrum for one provider up to $500 (no exceptions)
  • ASBC must be the recipient of ANY partial or full refund
  • ASBC has permission to contact camps and verify attendance
  • Funds may be used for recreational camps provided in 2020 – call ASBC at 720-272-8231 if you have questions about types of requests that will be approved.
  • Expenses for family members or travel will not be approved.
  • Recipients must live in Boulder or Broomfield counties and/or attend school in BVSD, SVVSD or Boulder/Broomfield counties.
  • Attendance at a BVSD or SVVSD school may be requested if the applicant does not live in Boulder County.
  • Use of false information will result in the denial of grant funds and the applicant will not be eligible for future grants from ASBC even if they move to Boulder County in the future.
  • Recipients must have an ASD diagnosis
  • Recipients are requested to submit pictures and testimonials to be used in ASBC promotional materials including Facebook, website, display materials at fundraisers
  • If recipients fail to comply with these guidelines, future applications may be denied. The Autism Society of Boulder County reserves the right to deny a camp grant to any applicant at any time as approved by the board of directors. Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

Click here to apply for a a 2020 ASBC Camp Grant

How was this program started?

This program was created in honor of Jack Ferrigno, a young boy with autism who thought in colors and brightened the lives of those around him. Jack’s parents, John Ferrigno and Kelly Straub, joined Brett Smith, The Post Brewing Company’s head chef and partner, to help other kids with autism access recreational camp opportunities. Kelly and John were so thankful for the camps that Jack attended and for the confidence and joy that those experiences gave him. Six years ago, Brett Smith approached ASBC with the idea of a camp grant program funded by an annual fundraiser to celebrate the life of Jack Ferrigno. He envisioned a camp grant program that would help families affected by autism gain access to recreational and therapeutic opportunities that might expand social skills and build confidence while most importantly having fun. From that vision, ASBC created the Jack Ferrigno Send a Kid to Camp Program. With the money raised, we have funded bike-riding clinics, skateboarding clinics, ski/snowboard lessons, rafting and camping trips and countless individual camp grants of up to $500 each.

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